What are Ruckus Points?

Our Ruckus Points program rewards you for ordering online with Ruckus Pizza. Online orders earn Ruckus Points that can be used towards future online orders and Gift Cards to Amazon, Visa or Ruckus Stores. This program is only available online (through the internet) at the Ruckus Pizza online ordering website.

It does not apply to orders placed and purchased at a store, or for orders called in for pick-up or delivery. Ruckus Points are a benefit designed strictly for Ruckus Pizza online ordering customers.

How do I earn Ruckus Points and what are they worth?

When you order through the Ruckus Pizza online ordering website, you are rewarded one (1) Ruckus Point for each dollar (U.S. currency) you spend. Currently, each Ruckus Point is the equivalent of 4 cents ($0.04 U.S. currency) toward the purchase of menu items from our online ordering website or Good towards a Ruckus Gift Card good at any of our locations.  A Ruckus Point is worth 2 cents ($.02 U.S. Currency) toward purchase of an Amazon or Visa Gift Card.

In other words, 25 Rucks Points have a current cash equivalent of one dollar. ($1.00 U.S. currency) toward a purchase on the Ruckus Catering site or for a Ruckus Gift Card.
25 Ruckus Points have a current cash equivalent 50 cents ($.50 U.S. Currency) toward a purchase of an Amazon or Visa Gift Card.

Ruckus Bucks are NOT redeemable for cash.

When do I receive Ruckus Points?

Ruckus Points are awarded when your order has been completed in our system and after your payment has been received. There may be a delay in processing orders and a subsequent delay in posting Ruckus Points to your account. Please allow at least 24 hours for Ruckus Points to be posted to your account.

Is there a minimum of Ruckus Points required for redemption?

Yes. Currently, you must have a minimum of 25 Ruckus Points to use them as a payment option. 

How do I spend Ruckus Points?

You may redeem Ruckus Points only for menu items ordered through the Ruckus Pizza online ordering website. Contact Ruckus Catering at catering@ruckuspizza.com to apply points to your upcoming order.  You can redeem your points for Ruckus, Amazon and Visa Gift Cards on the site.

For example: Let's say you have 250 Ruckus Points in your account and your current purchase is $10. Since your account meets the program redemption requirement, Email Catering@ruckuspizza.com that you want to redeem xxx Ruckus Point for your order.  We will apply those points to your order.  You can also look in the Rewards area to redeem points for the other Gift Cards.

Note: You can also use qualifying Ruckus Points to pay a portion of your online orders. Redeem the portion of Ruckus Points you wish to use and add an additional method of payment to pay the remainder of the balance.

Who earns Ruckus Points on a Group Order? (Single Payment vs. Multiple Payment)

In a Group Order where one person (the creator) is paying for the entire order, the creator of the order will earn all Ruckus Points for orders placed by the attendees.

In a Group Order where one person (the creator) sets up the order for all attendees to pay on their own, each individual attendee of the order will earn all of his or her own Ruckus Points for the order placed.

Do Ruckus Points Expire?

Yes, they do. Unused Ruckus Points expire one (1) year after order completion. So we hope you use and enjoy them.